Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Edible Textiles / The New Reds

Common Thread has received several new handwoven 48" width cotton fabrics in tantalizing tones of red. These are all-purpose medium-weight plain weave fabrics, hand-loomed by textile artisans in Guatemala.

In addition to rich maroon and burgundy weaves, we have two new hues; burgundy with light orange weft, and red with white weft--a vintage classic, "chambray". The burgundy & orange fabric exudes an edible inner glow.. Visualize cinnamon with chile molido & caramelized brown sugar. 

Experience the warmth and vibrancy of these new colors and textures at Common Thread in Taos,NM..

Locally Designed: Churro Felt Panel, Silk Velvet Wearable Textile, Table Covering, Handloomed Fabric by the Yard
Left: Burgundy with Light Orange Weft / Right: Red with White Weft (Chambray)