Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blue Origin

Embedded in our everyday lives is the ancient language of textiles..

Chambray derives from cambric, a lightweight plain-weave linen fabric originally produced near the City of Cambrai in France. Beyond it's original meaning, the term chambray has come to refer to a cotton plain-weave fabric with a colored warp and a white or unbleached weft. Typically the warp color is deep blue (traditionally indigo) and the weft color is white. A similar fabric thought to be invented in France, was originally known as serge de Nimes. Eventually shortened to denim, Serge is a double warped twill weave with a blue warp-white weft bi-coloration, similar to chambray.

Common Thread commissioned master weavers of the Maya to produce a sturdy fabric we like to think of as variety of chambray; referring to it's weave and coloration. Comparable in weight to denim, this medium-heavyweight (10 oz) cotton fabric is suitable for many uses. 

Stunning handloomed beauty...from selvage to selvage...

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100% Cotton / 48" Wide
A Durable Fabric With Many Uses