Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hemp Giving

Get behind the push for American industrial hemp agriculture. Support economic opportunity and a sustainable environment. Countries exporting hemp textiles today reap the benefits of a cash crop that was once grown in the United States--where it flourished for centuries as a chief industrial resource.

Now available at Common Thread: 
55% Hemp/45% Certified Organic Cotton Muslin.  A sturdy, plain weave fabric. $9.95/yd.

5.7oz  56" wide

Smooth, Even Drape
Cannabis sativa stem & fibers. The word Canvas is thought to be derived from Cannabis.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sing the Season

As night deepens, we may find our feelings turned inward to love and quiet joy. Moved to share, we resonate and, Sing the Season..

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blue Origin

Embedded in our everyday lives is the ancient language of textiles..

Chambray derives from cambric, a lightweight plain-weave linen fabric originally produced near the City of Cambrai in France. Beyond it's original meaning, the term chambray has come to refer to a cotton plain-weave fabric with a colored warp and a white or unbleached weft. Typically the warp color is deep blue (traditionally indigo) and the weft color is white. A similar fabric thought to be invented in France, was originally known as serge de Nimes. Eventually shortened to denim, Serge is a double warped twill weave with a blue warp-white weft bi-coloration, similar to chambray.

Common Thread commissioned master weavers of the Maya to produce a sturdy fabric we like to think of as variety of chambray; referring to it's weave and coloration. Comparable in weight to denim, this medium-heavyweight (10 oz) cotton fabric is suitable for many uses. 

Stunning handloomed beauty...from selvage to selvage...

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100% Cotton / 48" Wide
A Durable Fabric With Many Uses