Sunday, June 24, 2012

Novelty is Increasing

Novelty Prints are an ongoing form of period art.  Such screen-printed fabrics often stand at the forefront of graphic arts and textile surface design. They present popular imagery as a narrative for a given time. Their uses are many and varied. They are collected. They come and go. 

On occasion, a printed fabric may be considered a timeless classic. Whether a design's continuing popularity has to do with it's illustration technique, the subject, or both--is in the eye of the beholder.

This contemporary printed fabric (La Vergencita / 2011) presents a motif of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the legendary Vision of a Girl.  In this depiction, the Girl's spangled blue-robed body is emblazoned in a gold aura (embossed), and surrounded by orange, red, blue, and gold flowers. Cherubs, birds, crowns, and cactii complete this ceremonial composition, vibrantly rendered on a fuschia ground, or colorway

This lightweight 100% cotton muslin measures 44 inches wide. The design is scaled to an 8 inch horizontal and 12 inch vertical repeat.

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Black Colorway
Embellished Memorabilia Book Covers by Debra Villalobos