Sunday, June 24, 2012

Novelty is Increasing

Novelty Prints are an ongoing form of period art.  Such screen-printed fabrics often stand at the forefront of graphic arts and textile surface design. They present popular imagery as a narrative for a given time. Their uses are many and varied. They are collected. They come and go. 

On occasion, a printed fabric may be considered a timeless classic. Whether a design's continuing popularity has to do with it's illustration technique, the subject, or both--is in the eye of the beholder.

This contemporary printed fabric (La Vergencita / 2011) presents a motif of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the legendary Vision of a Girl.  In this depiction, the Girl's spangled blue-robed body is emblazoned in a gold aura (embossed), and surrounded by orange, red, blue, and gold flowers. Cherubs, birds, crowns, and cactii complete this ceremonial composition, vibrantly rendered on a fuschia ground, or colorway

This lightweight 100% cotton muslin measures 44 inches wide. The design is scaled to an 8 inch horizontal and 12 inch vertical repeat.

Discover La Vergencita in this and more colorways, at Common Thread!

Black Colorway
Embellished Memorabilia Book Covers by Debra Villalobos 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vintage Apronville

A rite of passage from a distant time, there is said to be an apron for every personality archetype. We believe it. Just check out this latest stash of vintage aprons. To demonstrate their uniqueness and individuality, we photographed each apron. Each is an exercise in functional design, materials, economy, and manufacture. Please revisit our previous story from February 2011, Vintage Aprons at Common Thread

Which apron closest fits your personality? 

Would you consider designing and making an apron for yourself?