Sunday, April 10, 2011

Zen View / Shrouding and Revealing the Sky Corridor

In Southwest high elevations, sky is near the center of attention. While an awareness of sky is a pleasurable facet of life here, over-exposure to sun can be detrimental. The conventional window-darkening treatment of an abruptness of drapery, tends to interrupt--disconnect--our attention, from the exterior world of living. An alternative and more transparent approach to interior shading can be achieved by modulating sunlight from high intensity to soft shadow through suspended layers of fabric. Looping and layering with ultra-light to medium weight silks, cottons, and linens can create delightful and unpredictable iridesces, reveals, and patterns of moire.  Encounter subtle gradients of illumination, pattern, and color through the creative use of unmanipulated fabrics. No need to cut and sew. By preserving a fabric's wholeness, it can easily be changed, removed, laundered, folded--and ultimately re-purposed..