Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Scarf for Wandering the High Desert

Casually pleated and stitch-laced, our new scarves are woven in rayon. Designed to channel the desert breeze, they offer ventilation, protection--and otherwise ample technical reassurance. Check out the exquisite fringe work!

colors shown: oyster / pewter

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Zen View / Cultivating Inner Sanctity

Swathe and swaddle your inner secrets, and sacred and nurturing objects in their private spaces, with unbound lengths of fabric. Explore the architectures of light and form. Many weights, textures, and colors of fabric are yours for the choosing. No need to cut and sew..
(shown in photo: silk habotai with sulphur crystals)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Zen View / Shrouding and Revealing the Sky Corridor

In Southwest high elevations, sky is near the center of attention. While an awareness of sky is a pleasurable facet of life here, over-exposure to sun can be detrimental. The conventional window-darkening treatment of an abruptness of drapery, tends to interrupt--disconnect--our attention, from the exterior world of living. An alternative and more transparent approach to interior shading can be achieved by modulating sunlight from high intensity to soft shadow through suspended layers of fabric. Looping and layering with ultra-light to medium weight silks, cottons, and linens can create delightful and unpredictable iridesces, reveals, and patterns of moire.  Encounter subtle gradients of illumination, pattern, and color through the creative use of unmanipulated fabrics. No need to cut and sew. By preserving a fabric's wholeness, it can easily be changed, removed, laundered, folded--and ultimately re-purposed..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Zen View / The Wholeness Intimacy and Allure of Fabric

Experience the essence of woven fabric by allowing it to hang informally. Generously loop fabrics over a suspended rod or a bough. Allow each fabric to drape and break according to it's unique weight, texture, and quality of construction. No need for cutting and sewing. Work with fabrics as you would a color palatte. Combine and layer. Play with placement. Discover the nature of an unadorned fabric's weave, and the beauty of it's selvages. Feel it's wholeness. Behold the intimacy and allure of fabric!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Translucent Fabric / Elevated Sunlight

experience creases, folds, and imperfection as part and parcel--of what is handmade

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"The April's in her Eyes: it is Love’s Spring”

avril abrir  apre apricot 
Praecoquus  ~ precocious  “early, ripe” 
apricare : to bask in the sun

Incoming Goods for April 
Cotton Embroidery Thread (Pearl Cotton / 6-Ply and #5)
Fabric Yard Goods: Silk Brocade, Habotai, Dupioni, and Hand-Block-Printed Cottons
Vintage Toweling Material with Cherries
Dyed Coconut Buttons 
Woven Cotton Rugs, Handbags, and Aprons.  
Silk Habotai and Chiffon Scarves. Fresh Spring Colors
Kantha Embroidery Shawls & Scarves in Cotton and Silk 
Cotton Voile Sarongs
Handmade "Silkworm" Pincushions
Vintage: Wood Printing Blocks, Wooden Clothes Pins, Cigar Boxes, Towels, and Tablecloths...

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