Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Common Thread's Annual Fabric Sale Begins On Valentine's Day, Monday February 14!

looking forward to seeing you all !
hoping that we have some things you might enjoy !

all these years, we have been offering this valentines day sale (L: valentus the
courage and capacity ~ for love; also valen as in value ~ being that which we care about)

possibly an odd day to start a sale, but truly a gesture of love to our dear 
"customers" that support all of us (that circle of us, including the weavers and 
plant and animal  domains) in our endeavor to offer views of beauty, a good 
place to gather with one another; and to serve the dreams, creative designs and 
delicious touch, of the ones' so spontaneously moved !

common thread, the sale is sort of spring cleaning
to welcome in a  new year;  making way for the
new spring summer season
new colors, new textures and forms and new growth 
so, first to clear out 
and then to dream
feast of calms
during this month of february which seems like such a good time to dream
here in nm, enjoying the 
blue skies and brilliant sun which is returning more 
strongly everyday, the 
clear light brilliance

and the beautiful earth 
white now, seeming a blanket of sparkling snow
the place where all light color is joined
dreaming of...

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