Thursday, June 29, 2017

NEW Vibrant Summery Colors / Handwoven Cotton Fabrics / Guatemala

NEW Compact Table Throw / 48x48 / Mesa Stripe (above), Seco Stripe (below)
Let the festivities begin with an artisanal handwoven table throw. Four foot square with generous fringe, our 100% cotton table throw reveals the beauty of wood while providing an intimate dining experience for up to four. Ideal for house parties. Versatile and simple to store, the table throw can dress a buffet, bistro table or kitchen island.

NEW Full Length Table Runner / 18x96 / Mesa Stripe

NEW 18" Wide Handwoven Fabric / Seco Stripe / Amarillo

NEW Compact Handwoven Table Runner / 18x48 

Handwoven Tea Towels and Napkins in Classic Colors

Oversized Cotton Spa Towel For Two

Handwoven Cotton / Africa / Ivory & Grey

Felted Panels / Navajo Churro / 36x48

NEW Styles / Hand Blocked Cotton Voile
NEW PATTERNS / 20x20 Pillows / Arriving Sunday, July 9
Simple Thai Cotton & Cotton Gauze Tops
20x20 Pillows / Seco Stripe / Jade
Cocktail Napkins / Handwoven Cotton / Sets of 5
20x20 Pillows / Fibonacci Stripe

Handwoven Serape/Tablecloths & Runners

NEW / Woodland Flowers / Woodblock on Cotton Fabric 

NEW / Honeycomb / Hand Woodblock
NEW / Handblocked Cotton Dupattas / 37x86

Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017

Handloom Cotton Fabrics & Finished Goods / Guatemala

Cotton Runners With Twisted Fringe / 18x72  / Designed In Taos

Colorful All-Weather Totes

Colorful Cotton Spa Towels
Handloom Fine Cotton Scarves & Stoles
Handloom Ikat Scarves / Bamboo / Guatemala
Cotton Hand Prints / Bandanas & Scarves
Asoke Cloth / Nigeria
Contemporary Bogolon / Mali
Antique Indigo Dyed Bogolon (Mudcloth)
Rustic HandloomWool Blankets / Guatemala
Cotton Bandanas

Sunday, April 2, 2017

18x72 runner with twisted fringe / Acequia Stripe 
48" Fabric / Verde Aguacate

18x72 runner with twisted fringe / Seco Stripe / Agua Verde

48" Fibonacci Stripe in Rojo + Chiltote

18x72 runner with twisted fringe / Seco Stripe / Seleste

Cotton Voile Handprints
New Churro Felt Panels (36x48)
Handloom Cotton / Ethiopia

Manta Pillows / 20x20 / Peru
Handloom Cotton Scarves / New Styles to choose from..