Thursday, July 28, 2016

Todos Los Colores

Among other things it is often agreed, The Land of Enchantment is about perception of color. 

Some say, "it is the light".

Whatever it is, we continue to ponder..

New Mexico’s extreme elevation, mountains and volcanic landforms, offer a dramatic palette. Hues of reflected light.

Our latest handloomed fabric explores Land of Enchantment earth & sky scenery. The sage plain where the sun goes down. The contrast of arid and moist. The blue water where lava once flowed. 

A secluded patio garden where, lighter than air..

..birds and butterflies.

We call this new woven pattern, Mariposa.
Mariposa Stripe / Handwoven Cotton / 48" Wide / Lloom Collection

Serape / 48"x84" & 48"x96" 
Serape / Churro Stripe / Handwoven Cotton Panels / Randa Embroidery / 36"x84"

Embroidered Drawstring Totes / Guatemala
Large Tote / Wool Tapestry / Zapoteca
Mariposa Stripe / Tablecloths, Runners, Tea Towels, Napkins

Santa Fe Stripe Runner / Oro Weft / 18" x 72"
 New Seco Stripe Runners / 18" x 72" / Azul-Verde Agua