Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall Arts/The Muse of Inspiration


Hand-dyed Silk Textiles
on Linen Panel
Colorful Blankets & Handwoven
Fabrics/ Corinto & Rosa Clavel
Golden Ratios/Handwoven Fabrics in
Azul Celeste, Pizarra Fuerte & Limón Pálido
Oros y Amarillos/New 48” Fabrics
Silk Textiles (Artisan Made)

Plate 18. Rio Grande Blanket, ca.1870

Excerpted from Rio Grande Textiles, Compiled and Edited by Nora Fisher
Handwoven 18" Cotton Fabric

Modeled after 1870s era Rio Grande Blanket Design

See Plate 18 from Rio Grande Textiles: