Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spring Coverings



in betweens

trickles of warm

the best?
the brightest?

the most beautiful
and sincere

extended on a plate plazuelo
this softness supported
by shelves and tables
all draped and folded
displayed seen and felt

New / Hand Embroidered Applique / Cotton Voile Curtain Panels

Sunday, February 2, 2014

New & Old Huipils and Vintage Hand-Loomed Cortes in Dark Blue & White--and a Variety of Colors...

The corte is a traditional form of Mayan costume. A continuous length/loop of material with ends sewn together, the corte is worn by Mayan women as a wrap skirt--and secured with a sash. 

These vintage, medium-weight cotton cortes were woven on backstrap looms, run four to five yards in length, and measure 34-42 inches in width. Depending on the wearer, cortes are often widened with the addition of a panel of matching fabric. 

The double ikat (resist dye) weaving technique seen in this vintage collection requires a high level of collaboration and skill--and is increasingly rare to find. These cortes are sold as a complete (original) garment. 

These tightly woven and resilient cotton fabrics are suitable for many uses.

Montage / Vintage Blue & White Ikat Details
Colorful Cortes / Double Ikat Details
Huipil / Song Birds & Butterflies / Santiago Atitlan
Black & White Double Ikat Corte with Green, Aqua, Orange, Gold, & Pink