Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Visions of Río Grande

The geography we inhabit is defined by a Watershed. For those who live work and play in Northern New Mexico, the Watershed is, Río GrandeBig River. Source of life. 

Earth given; the Río Grande river system embodies history; flows into the future..

We welcome the recently established, Río Grande Del Norte National Monument. A vast and unique North American wilderness landscape is now protected.

"The Río Grande del Norte National Monument was established on March 25, 2013 by Presidential Proclamation. The monument includes approximately 242,500 acres of public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management.  The landscape is comprised of rugged, wide open plains at an average elevation of 7,000 feet, dotted by volcanic cones, and cut by steep canyons with rivers tucked away in their depths.  The Río Grande carves an 800 foot deep gorge through layers of volcanic basalt flows and ash.  Among the volcanic cones in the Monument, Ute Mountain is the highest, reaching to 10,093 feet." 

We present fabrics that relate to our place and time along the Upper Río Grande. 

On The Río / Screen Print on Cotton by Terrie Hancock Mangat45" Wide / Vertical Repeat: 36"

A masterful/poetic design. A narrative depicting physical and cultural geography familiar to Taos, the Upper Río Grande Valley, and Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

On The Río Details / Hot Springs, Rafting, Basalt Boulders, & Rainbow Trout

NEW: Río Grande Stripe (window display) / Woven Cotton / 18" Wide / Handloomed in Guatemala 

A traditional Bands and Stripes pattern inspired by New Mexico regional history. 
See: Rio Grande Textiles / Compiled and Edited by Nora Fisher. (Background: Quilted Silk Sari)

Río Grande Stripe / White & Earth Colorway

Río Grande Stripe / Detail / Mustard Seed Weft

Source: Rio Grande Textiles / Museum of New Mexico Press